Astrology Tells How Your Wedding Date Affects Your Marriage



Make the most of the best day of your life

The most popular months to get married are May, June, October, and September. It makes sense because the weather is the most comfortable during those months for most of the country. Especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, those blooming May flowers make for a gorgeous back drop. The October air smells wonderful, and the pop of color from the leavings changing is always breathtaking.

If you are an astrology fan, you know how important your day of birth is to your horoscope. Then wouldn’t astrology apply to other monumental dates in your life as well? Before planning the most special day of your life, see what the stars have to say about the most special day of you life and how it will affect your marriage as a whole.

Nervous? Don’t be! Each sign of the zodiac has its own strengths and as a couple, you may need them if they are different from your birth sign. Of course, a marriage takes 50/50 from each party to work, so you shouldn’t blame a rough patch on what the current sign is.

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Make the most of the best day of your life

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