How to Turn Your Idea Into an Invention

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To own your business is a privilege and a burden at the same time. We all crave for freedom in our way of thinking and expressing ourselves in the right manner. But if you work for a company, you are obligated to have a distinctive style of acting and to agree with decisions which are opposing to yours. That is the start point of your choice, to find an idea and make a living out of it. The will momentum is there, and you will have to conduct a proper business plan if you want to put this idea to fruition.

Remember that for you to succeed you must address this topic as a business project, not as a wish that the concept will eventually become a recognizable invention and take care of your financial issues. We will walk through what is essential for you to make your idea come to life and come up with a patent which is new to everyone.

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As we said above, you must approach this topic as a business project. This will require you to focus on the specifics of the idea, making it a unique product on the market. In the process of developing the product, you must take into consideration the costs of the production, time of the output, loss of materials, profit percentage and the retail price to round it up. To have an idea is just the beginning and you are on the ground floor. The climb is next, and it is not a walk in the park.

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The next step is identifying the suitable market and the target group that could be interested in your product. With this procedure, you have eliminated the wrong markets and targeted group of people, where you could potentially lose time and resources trying to introduce your product.  This is done merely by gathering information through surveys, hiring a professional company to conduct a study for more precise info is our suggestion.

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Introduce the prototype to the world. The point of the prototype is to check the possible flaws in the product step by step. And you have to start from sketches of the prototype, 3d model in the shape of a mockup, and eventually come to the final product that can in time be refined to perfection. Bear in mind that these steps are mandatory before submitting a request for the patent because after filing a patent you won’t have any legal rights to changes to your invention.

File a patent, or consider Provisional Patent Application that allows you 12 months before you are obligated to confirm the license. You should also crosscheck if there is not the same patent already existent in the system before starting the process of submitting a request for a patent. These steps will protect your idea and innovation from the competition on the market.

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A good business plan helps you identify the road to success, the perfect business plan ensures you profit from your product in the end. Every concrete business plan should be composed in the next steps:

  1. Define your innovation,
  2. Test the market and find a target group,
  3. Establish relationships with customers,
  4. Define strategies and objectives.

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