The Three Top Thrills of Extreme Winter Sports

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For real adventure seekers, it is time to double up the ante and look for activities that truly bring out the adrenaline rush. Among the options …


Most Iconic Celebrity Engagement Rings


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5 Unique Ways to Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

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All Of Alec Baldwin’s Children


Alec Baldwin is a an American actor, writer, producer, and comedian. Beetlejuice, The Hunt for Red October, A Streetcar Named Desire, Pearl Harbor, The Cat in …


Maryland Artist Reaches Supreme Court Regarding Healthcare Issues

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Valuable things can be found in this world, but you need to dig deep. No matter which state you are from, you would have to agree …


Bitcoin is taking Over the Economy

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Love & Sex

Frisky Rant: Why I Refuse To Pay For Dates


Yeah, I said it: I absolutely refuse to even touch my wallet while on a date with a man. This wasn’t always the case. In the past, the …

Love Your Self

Plastic Surgery – Yes Or No

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As we know, conventional medicine has evolved a lot since its beginnings and now medical staff and surgeons perform a lot of incredible tasks on daily …


The Inventions That Changed World

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We live in a world full of inventions that we have many great people to thank for. From the first cavemen that “invented” fire to the …


In What Way Do British Royals Get Their Titles?


When the public refers to any of the royals they don’t just use their names but also their titles like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke …


Study: Redheads Feel Pain Differently


Redheads! They’re so different! So special, so rare! And the same recessive genes that give them their ginger locks also cause them to feel pain in …


Meghan Markle’s Letter To Her Father: ‘You Have Broken My Heart In Million Pieces’


The Duchess of Sussex wrote a letter to her father, Thomas Markle who she had a rift with. On 9 February, the 5-page letter was published. …