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Confessions Of A Woman Who Won’t Date A Male Cat Owner


This is, in most part, a response to Brian Donovan, the man who made confessions about being a male cat owner over at Thought Catalog. Let me …


It’s Time To Cry: Sarah Silverman’s Dog Died And She Wrote The Most Beautiful Obit For Him


Don’t mind me, just bawling at my desk because Sarah Silverman’s 19-year-old dog Duck died and she wrote the loveliest obituary for him. It will rip …


Just Look At This Asshole: Columnist Claims She Gets Rid Of Dogs Once They’re No Longer Cute Puppies — But Is She Lying?


Today at the Daily Mail, the rag has published one of their usual inflammatory click-baiting articles, but this one particularly chapped my hide. Shona Sibary writes that …