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Does Prince Charles Have Two Men that Help Him Put on His Clothes and People who Iron His Shoelaces?

Dragana Stepicby:

It is common knowledge that the royal family lives their lives a lot differently than us, regular people. We are aware they have people doing almost …


Study Shows Men With Dogs Are More Attractive

Dragana Stepicby:

A recent study conducted on Match.com showed that when it comes to heterosexual relationships, a larger statistical portion of women are attracted to men who are dog owners …


Why Funny Women Don’t Like Cowardly Men

Wendy Stokesby:

Internet journalism is shaped by algorithms. The headlines that succeed and garner the most clicks either succumb to the current trending newsfeed or bear a seductive …


The Best Waterproof Watches for Men

Wendy Stokesby:

When it comes to finding the best waterproof watches for men, you need to look past its purely aesthetic qualities: from battery life and glass resistance …


4 Causes of Increased Estrogen in Men (And How to Fight It Naturally)

Petar Mikonossby:

Most people identify testosterone as a male hormone and estrogen as a female one, but it’s more complicated than that. While testosterone is dominant in males, …


Study Shows Men Eat More Pizza Around Women As Mating Technique

Dragana Stepicby:

To file under the list of endearing and ridiculous things humans do to attract each other, recent polls have shown that straight men will eat almost …

Love & Sex

Why is coffee good for men and women before sex?

Wendy Stokesby:

Sex is enjoyable. However, it’s enjoyable when you are in the right moods and conditions with your partner. Many drinks promise us a better sex life, …

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Women who beat men at their own games

Wendy Stokesby:

If you look at the way men’s sporting activities are given more attention than women, it is easy to think that this is because men are …


How to Choose the Best Suit

The Friskyby:

A good suite is a crucial investment for any men’s wardrobe because it makes you look good and professional. Suits make you look taller, effectively disguising …


Top 20 Beard Styles for Men in 2019

Wendy Stokesby:

Growing of beard is a right of passage for all Men. And as freedom and fashion will have it, the rise of facial hair styles and …