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How Prince George calls his dad, Prince William

Dejana Pilipovichby:

Prince George is already as cute as he can be. Just when we thought he could get any cuter, he somehow managed to surprise us. Kate …

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Teenage Depression Types and Signs Demanding Professional Therapist Help

The Friskyby:

Several kids grow with little turmoil, but few find puberty like the detonation of time bomb – once it blasts nothing is same. Many heartbroken parents …


Celebrity Dads Kissing Their Children On The Mouth

Bojana Dujkovicby:

Some parents like to kiss their children on the mouth and in that form show their love for kids. But some people think that it’s not …


5 Reasons Why Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Is Important

The Friskyby:

‘Why didn’t you just give it a try?’ would definitely be the words of a teething child this period if given the opportunity to talk. This …


Guide to play yard – Make sure your baby is safe

The Friskyby:

Play yards give the protected space to your baby or toddler to rest and play, regardless of whether you’re at home or traveling. The best ones …


Why You Should Spend Family Time In An Indoor Play Center

The Friskyby:

Playtime for your kids is really important, and it is certainly much better than your kid sitting in front of a computer or using a smartphone …


15 Celebrities Who Welcomed Babies with Surrogacy

Wendy Stokesby:

Pregnancy is complicated and not everyone has the “right body” for it. Even though bringing babies is natural some couples need to use surrogate mothers in …


A Food Guide for Pregnant Women: What and How Much to Eat

The Friskyby:

Having a healthy diet when being pregnant is key for a successful pregnancy. The food you eat is the main source of nourishment for the baby. …


Woman Fired For Getting Pregnant Out Of Wedlock, While Baby Daddy Offered Job At Same Place

Wendy Stokesby:

A 29-year-old woman is suing the Christian college in San Diego, California, which fired her for getting pregnant out of wedlock. The woman had signed a …


10 Life Lessons We Learned From TV Moms

Wendy Stokesby:

We’ve learned a lot of important lessons from our own moms, but we’ve probably learned even more from watching sitcoms (sorry, Mom!). In honor of Mother’s …