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9 Sad Songs To Listen To On Infinite Repeat When You’re Depressed


Daylight Savings Time is over, which means that night comes at 4 PM these days, which in turn means that 500,000 Americans will be sinking under …


Girl Talk: I’m Just Not That Into Anyone Anymore


A year ago, my average week was something like a “Sex and The City” episode. Maybe it wasn’t that funny, maybe my clothes weren’t that fabulous, …

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I Love You, Effexor, But I Think I Hate You More


When you’ve got ongoing depression and anxiety issues, you learn to take the good with the bad – especially as you muddle your way through finding a medication …


Goth Emojis Are Now Here For Your Ennui


Emojis have opened up a sparkling new textual world full of emotional possibility. When you want to insert tone into a text, all you need to …