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What Is The History Behind An Official And Unofficial Rules And Protocol Of The Royal Family?

Tamara Vlahovicby:

Portrait Mode Ever since the 17th century, posing for an official photographs was important thing in lives of members of the royal family. A Senior museum …


The Craziest Celebrity Arrests

Petar Mikonossby:

The media always draws its attention towards celebrities but no more than when they mess something up. There probably isn’t a person on this planet that …


Making A Murderer, “Biased” Journalism & Necessary Outrage

Wendy Stokesby:

Over the last 15 months, true crime has seen a surge in popularity and attention amongst a widening audience thanks to the Serial podcast, Netflix’s 10-part …


Maria Arraras’ Domestic Violence 911 Call Transcript Is The Most Infuriating Thing You’ll Read Today

Wendy Stokesby:

If you don’t watch Telemundo, you might not know the name Maria Celeste Arraras. She appears on “Al Rojo Vivo” on Telemundo and on the “Today” …


Jonathan Ferrell, Ex-College Football Player & Unarmed Black Man, Shot 10 Times By North Carolina Police After Car Accident

Tamara Vlahovicby:

Jonathan Ferrell, 24, a former college football player at Florida A&M University, who is black, was shot to death by police on Saturday after he suffered …