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Kal Afrorock – The journey that made him who he is today

Tamara Vlahovicby:

Chukwuka Nwanert, better known for his stage name Kal Afrorock is an American songwriter, artist, and record producer. His journey begins in the rougher parts of …


Why listen to Tamil music if you visit India

Dragana Stepicby:

For most people, it is impossible to live one day without listening to music. It can help us with various things, from improving our mood to …


Five Songs About Unplanned Pregnancy

Wendy Stokesby:

We’ve been thinking about accidental insemination a lot lately because of this whole Sarah Palin/Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston situation. Honestly, we feel for Bristol and Levi because …


Frisky Q&A: Ani DiFranco On Patriarchy, Motherhood & “Having It All”

Wendy Stokesby:

When I arrived at the basement of the Calvin Theater in Northampton, Massachusetts, I found folk musician Ani DiFranco in the midst of trying to get …


Kelly Rowland Airs Her “Dirty Laundry” About Beyonce, Domestic Abuse, Fame

The Friskyby:

Pause your Spotify and listen to Kelly Rowland’s new song “Dirty Laundry” (after the jump) — not only is it intense, but it’s really good. She …


“Same Love” Singer Mary Lambert On Macklemore: “I’m Gay And I’m Part Of The Song, Too”

Tamara Vlahovicby:

Village Voice: How do you feel about the critiques from the LGBTQ community about Macklemore being the figure delivering this message? You mean, someone that’s a straight …