Meghan Markle to Start Her Maternity Leave Soon

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We’ve all seen the Duchess of Sussex glow now that she’s pregnant, but her exact due date is still a mystery, so we can’t guess when her maternity leave could start. However, since royals have every single detail planned, it seems that this piece of information, too, can be found in Meghan’s calendar of royal engagements.

Source: Hello Magazine

When it was officially announced that the Duchess is pregnant, there were no specific details about when the baby will be born, it was just said they’re expecting it in spring. So, that’s when people started guessing when exactly that may be, and most agreed it could be between April and May.

However, during a recent Buckingham Palace event honoring Prince Charles, the mother-to-be has hinted that her due date is getting closer. Namely, Welsh Secretary of State Alun Cairns asked Markle: “All in good order? I’m sure everyone is asking,” and she answered: “No, it’s actually very sweet. It’s a very nurturing sweet thing to ask. We’re nearly there!” And then during a visit to Birkenhead, she was even more precise and said it would be “end of April, early May.”


According to the magazine PEOPLE, as a future mother, Markle is expected to slow down her public appearances more and more as the due date is getting closer, but it’s still not certain how much time she will take off. Prince Harry is expected to take off a couple of weeks after the baby is born.

Some people speculate that her maternity leave will last as long as Kate Middleton’s, but that’s individual, as Middleton herself didn’t need the same amount of time for all of her three children. So, with Prince George, she was back in public only six weeks after his birth, with Princess Charlotte, it was a bit longer (four months), while with Prince Louis, she took six months off. So, you never know.

Source: Vanity Fair

For now, we can expect to see Markle at the upcoming Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey followed by a Commonwealth Day at Canada House. And then, we’ll see if there will be time for more appearances.


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