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5 Myths About Female Orgasms That Need To Die Already

Tamara Vlahovicby:

There are so many myths about the female orgasm. The exotic, elusive, enigmatic female O. Because so many (men) fear its power, knowledge on the female …


Mommie Dearest: A Pregnant Person Is A Person First

Wendy Stokesby:

Growing up, I thought the perfect host was a combination of Betty Crocker and Donna Reed: perfect clothes, perfect hair, perfect food, and perfect personality all …

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True Story: I Volunteered As An Abortion Clinic Escort

Dragana Stepicby:

Look at me. Look in my eyes. Let me tell you why I’m here. I’m here because I figure that the women who come here have …


Mommie Dearest: I’m A Mom Who Supports Legal Abortion

Wendy Stokesby:

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. I spent the day reading, writing, and thinking about abortion. I’m clearly not quite done. I’ve never …


“I’m Live-Tweeting My Abortion”

Wendy Stokesby:

“I’m doing this to de-mystify abortion,” she says. “I’m doing this so other women know, ‘Hey, it’s not nearly as terrifying as I had myself worked …


Having A Baby-Not Having An Abortion-Increases Your Risk For Mental Health Problems

Wendy Stokesby:

Having an abortion does not trigger mental health problems, according to a Danish study of 365,550 teen girls and women who had an abortion or a …


Mommie Dearest: Talking About Abortion At Book Club

Wendy Stokesby:

One of the awesome things about having a new book out The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality is that sometimes people actually want to …


An Anti-Abortion Group In Kansas Wants You To Beware of “Human-Animal” Hybrids

Wendy Stokesby:

There is no shortage of vastly important issues politicians have the utmost obligation to be transparent about. Where does Hillary stand on the transgender bathroom crisis? Where …


True Story: Why I Tell Everyone About My Abortion

Wendy Stokesby:

I first wrote about my abortion in the spring of 2012. At that point, it had been seven years since my procedure, and something that never …


French feminists make parody photo of Clinton banning ejaculation for non-procreative purposes

Wendy Stokesby:

Earlier this week, President Trump signed an executive order limiting women’s reproductive rights abroad in a room full of old white men. It was a stark …