1. Cover the back of your hand with a rainbow of makeup samples and then rub your skin raw trying to get them off:

2. Douse yourself with perfume testers until you start feeling woozy:

3. Get in an awkward confrontation with the group of teenage girls who are hogging the mirror:

4. Try to teach yourself contouring, fail miserably:

5. Buy a tube of lipstick, swearing it is not the same color you always buy. Get home and discover it is actually the EXACT same lipstick you bought at Sephora three months ago:

6. Convince yourself that spending $70 on a one-ounce jar of moisturizer is totally reasonable:

7. Test out every sea salt hair spray in the store, until your hair is crunchy and defeated as opposed to bouncy and beachy:

8. Summon every ounce of will power you have to avoid buying any of the cute mini size things by the cash register, but end up buying like 10 of them anyway:

9. Finally get to the register and almost faint when you hear the total:

10. Leave the store and wonder why everyone’s looking at you weird: