17-Year-Old Girl Incredibly Proves That All Skinny, White Women Look The Same

Wendy Stokesby:


Something pretty much every person of color ever has probably heard at some point is that everyone from their continent is/looks the same. As a Chinese American, I can vouch for the frequency with which me and Asian people in general are just lumped together into a single group, and I would imagine that everyone from South America or Southeast Asia or the Middle East has had similar experiences. At some point, you just grudgingly accept that having the the richness of your country of origin’s individual culture be undermined is just part of the minority experience in America.

So that’s why I was drawn to one teenage girl from the Netherlands’ use of makeup to perform breathtaking transformations into modern and historical white actresses. I really did appreciate her artistry and everything, I swear. But my one big takeaway from her project and the seamless ease with which she just became Audrey Hepburn and Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley and others: White people who claim members of a minority group all look the same could hardly be more hypocritical.

Frankly, looking at Ms. Annelies van Overbeek’s brilliant transformations, it could be argued that no group of people looks more similar than skinny white women. (Except for white men, that is. Case in point: the graphic below.)

To start off, here’s a picture of van Overbeek as herself from her Instagram:


Now, take a look at her posing as various actresses, compared with photos of the actresses she’s modeling herself after:


And the real Audrey Hepburn:

CREDIT: Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

And in Roman Holiday, here’s Annelies:


Here’s Audrey:

CREDIT: Ullstein Bild/Getty Images

As Keira Knightley playing Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, here’s Annelies:


Here’s Keira:

As Daisy in Great Gatsby, here’s Annelies:


And Carey:

CREDIT: Warner Bros.

Here she is as Vivien Leigh:


Aaaand, here’s the actual Vivien Leigh:

CREDIT: en.wikipedia.org

Here she is as the model in the iconic Girl with a Pearl Earring painting by Johannes Vermeer:


The actual painting:

CREDIT: en.wikipedia.org

And here she is, looking like every animated white Disney princess ever:



“I’ve always loved how makeup and hair can transform a person completely,” Annelies told BuzzFeed.

And, in case you couldn’t tell by her choice of transforming into actresses like Hepburn Leigh, or characters in period dramas like Elizabeth Bennet and Arya Stark, she’s a pretty big fan of the whole vintage thing. “I’m not one for short skirts and low necklines, it’s just not my thing. I have a huge passion for history, especially fashion history,” she told Buzzfeed.

Annalies’ work is literally amazing and everything, but back to the original point I was making. Makeup and amazing use of it can only do so much — would the fit be this magical if conventionally attractive white women didn’t look as similar as they do?

Original by Kylie Cheung

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