30 Things Every Man Should Have By 30

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Last week after I wrote about 30 things every woman should quit doing by 30, our friends at Crushable wrote a great response post on 30 things every man should quit doing by 30. It suddenly occurred to me: we’ve been letting men off the hook for too long! We’ve had all these posts about what women should quit doing by 30 or should have or learn or know by 30, but what about the guys? So, without further ado, 30 things every man should have by 30, after the jump.

1. A skin care regimen. C’mon guys, healthy complexions aren’t just for metrosexuals!

2. A tasty signature dish he can whip up for a date.

Source: YouTube

3. Respect for women as equals and not just as heads attached to boobs.

Source: Isha Sadhguru

4. At least four good pairs of shoes: dressy, business casual, casual, exercise.

5. At least one friend who gives honest fashion advice.

6. A tailored suit.

Source: Indochino Blog

7. A toolbox that includes: a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, nails, work gloves.

8. Enough clean underwear (no holes!) to get him through a week between laundry sessions.

9. Independence from his mama.

10. The ability to ask for directions.

11. A great road map when there’s no one to ask.

12. A favorite cookbook.

Source: Sweetphi

13. A decent set of pots and pans.

14. An emergency kit in the trunk of his car.

15. A hobby that does not include a television set or a 6-pack of beer.

16. A trusted barber or hair stylist.

Source: SWAGGER Magazine

17. A pair of jeans that makes his butt look good.

18. Jumper cables.

19. A driver’s license.

20. Always enough toilet paper.

21. Sheets that don’t scratch.

22. A nightstand that doesn’t say “Handle with care” on the side.

23. A smile he uses generously.

Source: Zastavki.com

24. At least one lamp that didn’t once belong in a dorm room.

25. Enough confidence to approach someone he finds attractive.

26. Enough sense not to use a cheesy pick-up line. (When in doubt, say “hello!”)

27. A great razor.

Source: Mens Grooming

28. The beginning of a nest egg.

29. A place where everyone knows his name.

30. At least one sex move he’s received lots of positive feedback on.

Original by: Wendy Atterberry

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