30 Things I Love About Myself

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This morning I woke up and the sun was shining. Lucca (that’s my dog) was lying on her back, paws straight up in the air, when she rolled over, yawned, and said to me, in her puppy way, “Moms” — she pluralizes things a lot — “I love you. You’re awesome.” And she’s right. I decided to make a list of 30 things I really love about myself, from the sort of shallow to the deeply ingrained. I hope you’ll all do the same (about yourselves, not me) in the comments!

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30 Things I LOVE About Myself

  1. The complete love, commitment, and responsibility I show in caring for my dog Lucca.
  2. My super thick hair.
  3. The way my ass looks in jeans.
  4. That babies love me and that I will one day be an amazing mom.
  5. I’m extremely loyal to my friends.
  6. I stand up for what’s right, even if it might get me in trouble.
  7. I’m a good sister to my brother and am happy to do his taxes every year, even though he never pays attention so he can do them himself eventually.
  8. My ability to either make up a recipe or alter an existing one and have it taste good 99% of the time.
  9. That I can decide that I need to forgive and actually do it.
  10. My unwavering work ethic.
  11. My ability to take criticism and my commitment to ongoing self-reflection.
  12. My enviably long eye lashes.
  13. My sense of style that feels effortless to me and appears effortless to others.
  14. I can spot an HTML coding error from a mile away.
  15. That I wanted to learn to surf and finally did.
  16. My not altogether horrible karaoke rendition of “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline.
  17. My much improved bowling skills.
  18. That I’m a great listener.
  19. That I’ve retained the values my parents instilled in me, even after going down my own path.
  20. I’m not a picky eater.
  21. I’ll try almost anything once, if not twice, just to be sure.
  22. That I’ve faced some of my fears (roller coasters) but don’t beat myself up over not facing others (rodents).
  23. That I enjoy my own company.
  24. The shape of my ears and feet.
  25. My sense of humor, which doesn’t (usually) come at the expense of others.
  26. That when I really, really want something, I don’t wait around for it to come to me; I go and get it.
  27. My honesty.
  28. That I admire, respect, and adore my mom, but am secure enough to be my own person whom she admires, respects, and adores right back.
  29. That I’m a good kisser.
  30. That I can write, dammit.

So … what do you love about yourself?

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