5 Perfect Gifts For … The TV Addict

Wendy Stokesby:


All this month The Frisky is serving up holiday gift guides to help you pick presents for everyone on your list. Here, we’ve got gifts for that guy or gal you just can’t tear away from the boob tube…

1. “Michonne: Impossible” T-Shirt: “The Walking Dead” found its best heroine yet in bad ass sword-wielding loner Michonne — as this T-shirt indicates, there’s nothing that can stop her. [$24.54]

2. Stark Sibling Tank: Winter is coming and this tank won’t be keeping anyone warm, but it will declare their support for the beleagued Stark family of Winterfell. [$28]

3. Dexter Apron: Appropriate for cooking and murdering murders, natch. [$14.99]

4. Cluedo “Sherlock” Edition: A twist on the classic whodunit game for fans of the popular British TV series. [$44.99]

5. Jesse Pinkman iPhone Case: The heart and soul of “Breaking Bad” will hopefully keep the giftee’s iPhone safe from destruction. [$35.65]

Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry

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