A true friendship story – Toddler and puppy nobody wanted

Wendy Stokesby:


These are probably some of the cutest pictures you will see on the net today, an adorable toddler taking naps with his precious puppy. The pictures were taken by a blogger, Jessica Shyba, who can’t help but capture the cuteness of her son Beau and their puppy, Theo. The two started sleeping together and two months later, they still enjoy each other’s company.

Jessica Shyba has three children, Jack, Zoe, and the youngest one is Beau. Last Christmas, her older children met Santa Claus in New York and wished for a puppy. However, at the time they lived in an apartment where pets weren’t allowed. Nevertheless, the family moved out of the city and nothing stopped them anymore from getting a puppy. Hence, they started visiting shelters in order to get one. After several weeks, the family found a puppy, Theo, with which they immediately fell in love.

Theo was a precious nappy who was definitely missing human attention. Thus, three days after he joined the family, Theo started joining Beau in his daily naps. It was then, Jessica took the first photo of the two. Ever since then, Jessica shares pictures on a daily basis of these cute pair of nap buddies of her Instagram, which believe it or not has over 300,000 followers.

What’s more, it wasn’t only a one-time thing, but Theo and Beau seem to continue their friendship and two months later, they are still taking daily naps together. The two are growing each day, but their friendship doesn’t seem to know boundaries. The pictures of the cute pair of nap buddies will definitely make your heart melt!

Source: boredpanda.com


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