Are Single Page websites good or bad for SEO?

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It is important to ensure that all the needed sections of the website are available in the same single HTML page. Of course, one-page websites look to be even more attractive and fancy, and therefore, more and more companies are now shifting to it over the most common kind, that is, the elaborate multi pages. They are also available with a wide number of benefits. However, one must also learn its drawbacks that come along with its benefits. So, how would you know if this one-page website is suitable for your business? Here is how you should determine things. JASA SEO offers the best SEO services, thus helping your brand to grow through leaps and bounds. Certainly, things depend on the purpose of your business and the requirements and in order to determine it, you ought to go through a procedure consisting of three basic and simple steps.

Here are the steps that follow:

  • Step 1 – Implement analytics

It is hard to analyse the performance of a one-page website. In order to analyse your multi-page site, you can simply go through the page views and rankings to see what has been working and what isn’t making out deals anyway. On the other hand, with a single page site, check it with a standard set up with the Google Analytics account.

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  • Step 2 – Decide if the one-page website is suitable for your business

You need to analyse if your one-page website is good enough for your traffic. In order to wish Google to be your key source for your clients, a one-page website can rise up to be your biggest mistake. In such case, you must not stay on to that one-page website; rather you ought to make arrangements so as to shift it to a bigger multi page site. Since different businesses have got different kinds of requirements, a strategic plan is required to launch a full-fledged SEO campaign.

Another point for one page includes the maintenance of the websites. The one-page websites are faster and cheaper and are easy enough to create as well as maintain. Moreover, one-page websites offer better mobile user experience; it also helps in enhancing a higher conversion rate. This is definitely a very important thing to consider these days, since most people prefer mobile usage to be handier than the desktop or laptops.

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  • Step 3 – Creating an SEO friendly website

To help to do this, keywords should be planned and mapped in a much better way. Also research the keywords more thoroughly and map the group keywords in a thematic way. Also, make a proper structure for the contents. Add separate sections, optimize each of the sections for the required keywords, and add an H1 tag to each section. Besides, optimize each of the sections in the content for its keywords, along with setting up the anchor links. For the reason that all the resources and contents are located within a single page, it is essential to optimize the page speed. Building backlinks is another important step to drive the traffic and page ranking as well. If you are not well equipped in doing so, certainly, there could be no greater option than you over JASA SEO Murahthat is regarded to be the best in this context. Neither the single page website nor the multiple page site will serve all business, they are meant to go with some specific ones, and an SEO expert would be the best to decide that!

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