Astrology 101: The Leo Love Compatibility Guide



Happy birthday to all you fierce, fabulous Leos! As our gift to you, we whipped up this handy love compatibility guide so you can check out the pros and cons of all your romantic matchups. Read on to get the astrological perspective on your love life!

Leo with Aries:
Best thing: With Aries you will have the fun-filled, lighthearted, affectionate relationship you so crave. Aries will understand and encourage you to follow your passion.
Worst thing: Both of you want to be the center of the world which can cause some pretty intense conflict.

Leo with Taurus:
Best thing: Taurus and Leo will have no qualms about being totally committed to one another. They are one of few people who can match your intense level of loyalty.
Worst thing: Even though your loyalty lies with them, you need to be free to chat, flirt, and charm, so Taurus’ possessive nature may leave you feeling stifled.

Leo with Gemini:
Best thing: Your relationship with Gemini will be full of romance, flattery, and open communication, all things you absolutely love.
Worst thing: Gemini can only flatter and charm for so long before they get distracted by something new. You need consistency and to feel like the most important person in their world.

Leo with Cancer:
Best thing: You and Cancer will connect on an emotional level. Finally, someone who understands your deep, intense feelings!
Worst thing: Cancer’s timid and passive aggressive way of dealing with things will drive you crazy.

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Leo with Leo:
Best thing: Two Leos in a relationship is a match made of praise, snuggles, adoration, flattery, creativity, and passion.
Worst thing: Too much similarity is not always a good thing. Your relationship may end up feeling like an endless competition for attention.

Leo with Virgo:
Best thing: Virgo will make sure to always put you first. They will coddle you, take care of you, and love you more every day.
Worst thing: The two of you have very different ideals. You are an optimist, forgiving and lighthearted in nature. Virgo’s critical and sometimes pessimistic attitude can really rain on your parade.

Leo with Libra:
Best thing: With Libra you may feel like you have found your match made in heaven. You will never run out of fun things to do and will always find yourselves surrounded by a huge social circle.
Worst thing: You want someone who fully “gets” you and Libra will have trouble relating to your super passionate, creative, emotional nature.

Leo with Scorpio:
Best thing: You will feel pulled to Scorpio. The two of you are drawn together like magnets. Both strong, passionate, highly emotional people, you will feel a deep connection to each other.
Worst thing: As time goes on those intense similarities may transform into a never-ending power struggle. And a power struggle between Leo and Scorpio is like a clash of the titans.

Leo with Sagittarius:
Best thing: Your shared openness and optimistic attitude towards love means you will both fall hard and fast.
Worst thing: Sagittarius wants you to know they are always right, and to be the “most knowledgeable” about everything. But you know that you are always right. UH-OH!!!

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Leo with Capricorn:
Best thing: Capricorn will only ever have eyes for you. Their sweet, stable approach to love will give you absolute trust in them always.
Worst thing: Being in a relationship with Capricorn means your freedom is at stake. They want control, while you want it your way.

Leo with Aquarius:
Best thing: You and Aquarius have an innate understanding of one another. Both free spirits, both idealistic, but both steady and strong. Your connection will be natural and enduring.
Worst thing: They will try to apply logic to your emotions. You need freedom to express your passionate emotional self.

Leo with Pisces:
Best thing: You both have an idealistic, hopeful way of being in a relationship which is a beautiful and powerful thing.
Worst thing: Pisces will drive you crazy with their sensitive, inconsistent ways. You are much too fiery and strong for this little fishy!

Original by Winona Dimeo-Ediger & Katelyn

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