Benefits that only professional translator can provide

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Professional translators commit themselves to the job and dedicate a lot of their time so that the product, or the translation, is superb. If a professional translation is compared to the one Google Translate provides, it is a different ballgame. Google Translate is usually used as the quickest way to understand the main idea or the gist of the text, rather than relying on it for accurate translation.

When it comes to translation services, there is a certain level of professionalism that has to be maintained. Experienced translators at TheWordPoint are all certified professionals who know how to do their jobs efficiently. Reliability and speed are what they offer to their clients and even offer special packages to make sure that your translation is error-free, such as proofreading, VIP support, and double quality check. When opting for TheWordPoint for translation services, you don’t need to worry about getting your money’s worth.

Professional translator vs. machine translation

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When a professional translator reads the original text, he or she will immediately develop strategies and approaches to make the translated text as similar as possible to the original. The professional translator recognizes ambiguities, grammar issues (if any), and when seeing polysemous words, he can distinguish what their meaning is in a certain context. The translator makes sure that the text is politically correct and that there aren’t any unnatural expressions that wouldn’t be used by a native speaker of the language. The main problem of the machine translations is that the evolution of machine learning still hasn’t eliminated word-for-word translations.  Therefore, the translations usually don’t make a lot of sense and have to be corrected by human translators. Machine translation may be faster but is not more accurate.

Relevant experience for specialized translations

Translators are very careful when they make decisions that can affect their translation. Their industry experience allows them to deal with terminology and key phrases that are common in a certain niche, quickly and easily. When translating medical, legal or technical texts, the subject matter is more complicated, and their job is harder, but not impossible. Even though research is always conducted, the time necessary for researching the topic is minimal because they’ve encountered similar texts in their careers. The terminology and specific language that is used in the original text needs to be translated properly because it is mostly for medical institutions, governmental bodies or IT experts.

Effectively promote your business

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The main goal of the professional translator when translating is that your company is presented in the best way possible. A translation can expand your business to new foreign markets if the translator is experienced enough and knows how to attract the target audience. Whether it is the word choice, the style of the translation or the sentence structure, the informed translator will make changes, but stay faithful to the original message of the text. Clients all over the world will know about your company, thanks to a professional translator that will help your company expand globally.  Why would you limit yourself to one market when you can conquer them all?

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