BMW M4 Vs Audi RS5: Performance Comparison

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Anyone who has a craze for driving on the twisty roads and has a knack for drifting keeps an eye on the latest luxury sports cars. BMW has launched the masterpiece of their BMW 4 Series; it is known as BMW M4. BMW M4 is better than any other high-performance car in that class made by BMW company till date, yet it already has got competition in the market, and this time the competition is not an easy one.

The latest rival of this car is Audi RS5, and undoubtedly it is the strongest rival. Let us help you figure out how the performance of two cars, BMW M4 and Audi RS5, can be compared.

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How to decide?

Undoubtedly, this is one tough decision as both cars are remarkable when it comes to their functions and features. Therefore, the thing that eventually becomes the deciding factor is driving performance. The question is, which car is more fun when it comes to driving? Anyone who has enough money to buy any of these cars is looking for comfort, luxury and speed.

Comparison between BMW M4 and Audi RS5:

A look at the car specs can give you some insight into their performance comparison. Talking about the features of BMW M4, let’s talk about its speed: BMW M4 has a seven speed double clutch transmission. Moreover, the turbo twin used by this sports car is 3.0 liter which provides around 444 hp plus 406 lb-ft of torque.

On the other hand, Audi RS5 uses an eight-speed automatic with all-wheel drive. 2.9-liter twin turbo V6 is used by Audi RS5 that is capable of 450 hp and torque of 443 lb-ft. So, Audi has got some more pure raw power over BMW M4 in terms of specs. However, Audi RS5 is lighter, wider and the gearbox of this sports car is as good or better as the one in BMW M4.

If you compare the actual transmission shift speeds, the BMW’s dual-clutch gearbox wins easily, but the difference is not that drastic.

While maximum speed for both cars is the same, Audi RS5 can be revved up from 0 to 60 mph in around 3.9 seconds, yet it takes BMW M4 around 4.1 seconds. Yes, it’s only 2 milliseconds, but those can be huge.

Source: Autocar

Best car in worst weather conditions:

People find BMW M4 more fun when it comes to driving; it never fails to drive its rider crazy. But one of the best things about AudiRS5 is that it rarely encounters any problem even if the weather conditions are not favorable. The weather conditions, no matter how worse they get, would remain almost ineffective on the performance of Audi RS5.

This is not the case with BMW M4; when weather conditions are troublesome, car speed gets low because it takes extra effort to put the car on the track. The wheels become a bit harder to move. BMW M4 is speedier only when the weather conditions are quite alright, but Audi RS5 performs better in rough weather. Certainly, Audi RS5 has got the point over BMW M4 here.

Suspension system:

Talking about the suspension systems of the two cars, Audi RS5 has got a remarkable suspension system. There is flexibility in the suspension system of Audi RS5, which makes it easier and more convenient to drive, unlike other luxury cars.

However, the situation is quite different for BMW M4; its suspension system is firm, too rigid, spikey and too noisy from the inside. That does not necessarily mean that Audi wins over here as there are drivers, who would love to ride a stiff car rather than a flexible one. Yet, the majority of car lovers prefer a flexible suspension system. So, it boils down to your preference.

Source: BMW Blog

High tech cabin:

As far as the cabin and the interior of both cars is concerned, Audi RS5 has got a slicker design comprising newer technology features. The interior and design are completely new and very attractive. BMW M4 cabins are rather dull; undoubtedly, they are nice but they have already been seen in the other versions of BMW, so when it comes to cabins and interior BMW M4 has rarely got anything new.

Comparing the performance:

BMW M4 and Audi RS5 both are remarkable cars from every aspect; they make full use of the latest technology and the performance is way more amazing than other sports cars in the market. But the ultimate test that differentiates Audi from BMW is its ability to be driven in all kind of circumstances on any road. Audi RS5 provides super comfortable driving experience, no matter if the distance is short or long; the speed is equally efficient and swift. However, stiff suspension of BMW M4 does not bring out its best in terms of driving comfort.

Both cars are worth driving, yet very expensive. The cost of these two cars is way higher than other sports cars. There is nothing like it in the world if you own a BMW M4 or Audi RS5.


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