Car insurance – What you need to know

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New drivers and first-timers might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the payment month after month when it comes to car insurance, “without” getting anything in return. We’re here to explain to you why car insurance is important, why you should consider getting your car insured and how it can help you a lot in certain unwanted situations.

If it’s your first time filing a claim or you’re just new to vehicle ownership, it might be a bit frustrating when you see the cost combined with the price you have to pay for the insurance, while feeling that you’re not getting anything in return. Well, believe it or not, car insurance serves a pretty big purpose and it’s not just a scam designed for you to lose money. We can help you understand how it works and potentially eliminate some of your concerns.

What is it for?

Car insurance is for your own financial protection. It is also something that can be called “a game of chance”. You might be paying your entire life for it, but never damage your car. Therefore feel “robbed”. However, when you do damage your car, oh how grateful you will be for having insurance. You will only then realize how much of a problem covering all those costs would’ve been without getting the insurance money.

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Also, like any other type of insurance, this is not an investment. Therefore you should definitely not expect to pay a minimal cost for insurance but expecting thousands of dollars in return when you damage your car. This is one of those cases where the saying “you get what you pay for” applies.

PLPD – What is it?

If you’ve heard about PLPD before then you probably already know what it means. But, for those who don’t, PLPD is an abbreviation for Personal Liability and Property Damage. It’s the minimum coverage that you can get in a lot of states. We’re mentioning this because it’s worthy to note that PLPD does not cover any physical damage that might be done to your car during an accident. However, it does help you cover the losses for other types. Such as physical injuries and pain and medical costs.

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Your car insurance serves not for mechanical repairs

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Mechanicals repairs that your car might need from long use or lack of maintenance will not be covered by your car insurance. Unless your car was damaged by something like vandalism, collision impact or a fire, it will not be covered. Maintenance and “wear and tear” is your responsibility. Car insurance serves to cover your costs and expenses when accidents are the reason for the damage.

Different countries and states have different car insurance laws and rules. If you are considering paying for one and signing up a contract, you should get informed about how it works in your country and find the best insurance company in your area. Finding a high-quality insurance company that cares about its customers and their safety can make all the difference in the world.

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