Cars That Dog Owners Should Buy

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It is true that a happy pet makes for a happy owner. We do everything to keep our dog happy. But when it comes to choosing a new car, we often forget about our pet’s needs. We think about our children when selecting the car but what about the dog?

Being a dog owner, choosing the right four-wheeler can be a frustrating task. You’ll need a car that fits within your budget and can also make your dog feel comfortable and secure. There are a lot of things you should consider before buying a car.

Your dog should be able to get in and out of the car easily. If your dog is large, you’ll need a bigger vehicle. Not all models are dog-friendly. But fret not! There are a lot of cars in the market that are perfect for you and your dog. In this post, we’ll talk about the best options in this regard.

Source: Motoring Research

2019 Honda CR-V

2019 Honda CR-V is a solid SUV. Whether you’re buying for your people or your dog, it’s a car which is very hard to beat. Your dog will feel comfortable in this one. It has a low floor and a cavernous cargo space.

The vehicle also has a lot of room, and the seats are quite spacious. CR-V’s power liftgate and leather seating makes it very pet-friendly. Your dog will thank you for this car.

Source: Auto Express

Nissan X-Trail SUV

The Nissan X-Trail is a perfect choice for dog owners. It is very spacious and comfortable. The company has renovated the boot of its crossover to make the car dog-friendly. The dog and the owner can see each other on the screen all thanks to a ‘two-way’ dog cam.

The rear compartment is designed specially and is made with wipe-clean leather. So, you don’t need to worry about pet hair or dirt. It can be cleaned easily which makes it one of the best cars for dog owners.

Source: Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery

Another great car in the list in Land Rover Discovery. It has a flap covering the top of the bumper which protects it from damage. So, unlike most SUVs, the rear bumper won’t get scratched from dogs jumping in and out.

It also has air suspension which lets you lower the rear of your vehicle for your dog. This SUV is very comfortable, and your dog can easily fit into the car. You will also get accessories like an access ramp, a portable hose, and a quilted load space which makes it dog-friendly.

Source: Car and Driver

Kia Soul

When it comes to choosing a vehicle for your dog, Kia Soul is one of the best choices you can make. The car comes with a massive cargo area when compared to its rivals.

It has a low floor. Thus, it is easy for your dog to get in. It is quite spacious and comfortable. It’s the inability to fold the rear seat makes it a little harder to install large crates. However, you can install medium-sized crates perfectly.

This model comes with leather seats which are quite good at repelling pet hair. Besides, it was rated one of the best cars for the dog owner in 2018. Therefore, buying Kia Soul is a great option for you.

Source: Mercedes-Benz of Portland

Mercedes Benz-GLS

Looking for a car that has plenty of cargo and enough passenger space? Look no further. Mercedes Benz-GLS is the vehicle you’ve been searching for. It comes with synthetic leather upholstery which makes it easy to clean.

The vehicle also has air suspensions allowing you to lower it and making it easy for your dog and family to get in and out. The manufacturer offers lots of options, and you can make the car fit your specific needs.

A Study On Dog Owners And Their Cars

We found a 2019 study by personal car leasing firm All Car Leasing who looked at dog owners and their driving habits with the pooch in tow which found a startling statistic that 1 in 3 owners travel with their dog unrestrained which could, according to the Highway Code, land the driver in hot water if the dog ends up distracting the driver which leads to an accident. So, even if you do get a new vehicle that’s perfect for a dog, there are still some other things you need to consider. We’ve asked for permission to share their infographic which you can find below:

Homeward Hound By All Car Leasing

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