“Charlie Charlie Challenge” Is the Lazy Teen’s “Bloody Mary”



Teens will never stop drumming up new ways to invoke demons from the great beyond, and summer really is the perfect time to find a spirit, harness its power for good or evil, and use it to do your biding, or at least to make the long, lazy months of summer go by faster. When I was a teen, I used a Ouija board once, before scaring myself for no good reason, and vowing never to fuck with one of those things again. The teens these days are a little more low maintenance, preferring the ease of the Charlie, Charlie Challenge.

Simply draw a quadrant on a piece of paper, and write “yes” in two sections and “no” in the others. Place a pencil in a cross in the middle of the paper. Ask “Charlie, Charlie are you there” and wait for the pencil to magically swing towards a “yes” or a “no.” Congratulations, you’ve invoked a demon.

Obviously this is not real, because if it were that easy to invoke a demon, then I’m pretty sure that we’d be innundated with Beelzebub’s children on the daily. But this is a good way for the kids to keep themselves entertained, and it has the added bonus of riling up the olds, which is fine by me.

[h/t Daily Intel]

Original by Megan Reynolds @mega_hurt


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