“Charlie Charlie Challenge” Is the Lazy Teen’s “Bloody Mary”

Wendy Stokesby:


Teens will never stop drumming up new ways to invoke demons from the great beyond, and summer really is the perfect time to find a spirit, harness its power for good or evil, and use it to do your biding, or at least to make the long, lazy months of summer go by faster. When I was a teen, I used a Ouija board once, before scaring myself for no good reason, and vowing never to fuck with one of those things again. The teens these days are a little more low maintenance, preferring the ease of the Charlie, Charlie Challenge.

Simply draw a quadrant on a piece of paper, and write “yes” in two sections and “no” in the others. Place a pencil in a cross in the middle of the paper. Ask “Charlie, Charlie are you there” and wait for the pencil to magically swing towards a “yes” or a “no.” Congratulations, you’ve invoked a demon.

Obviously this is not real, because if it were that easy to invoke a demon, then I’m pretty sure that we’d be innundated with Beelzebub’s children on the daily. But this is a good way for the kids to keep themselves entertained, and it has the added bonus of riling up the olds, which is fine by me.

[h/t Daily Intel]

Original by Megan Reynolds @mega_hurt


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