Chrissy Teigen’s And John Legend’s Twitter Feud With Piers Morgan Got Pretty Heated

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What’s better than one celebrity taking down another well-known person on Twitter? Answer: an awesome celebrity couple doing just that. A few days ago, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend slammed Piers Morgan over his tweets about the late, great Muhammad Ali. While the world was mourning the loss of the boxing legend June 5, Morgan decided to fire off a couple of bizarre tweets about The Champ. In said tweets, Morgan claimed Ali said more “inflammatory/racist” things than Donald Trump and advised people not to sugarcoat Ali’s life because of his death.

As expected, Twitter users upset about Ali’s death flooded Morgan’s mentions and rightfully balked at his tweets (I mean, a tweet comparing Ali and Trump has no place in this world). One of those people happened to be the legendary Legend, who has been known to respectfully humble others online, and he was not pleased with Morgan’s slanderous statements about Ali. When Morgan tweeted, “I hope people don’t make me sound too perfect when I die. No coats of sugar please,” Legend posted a clever reply asking Morgan to test out people’s reactions to him getting the hell out of here by announcing his retirement. Ha! You tell him, Legend.

Chrissy spotted her husband’s tweet and decided to play along, deleting Morgan’s Twittter handle from the tweet and asking what exactly the television personality does when he’s not trolling Twitter.

The retweets quickly caught Morgan’s attention. He attempted to clapback at Teigen and alluded to modeling not being a real job, but Teigen held her own and basically called Morgan a racist.

Teigen didn’t just shut Morgan down for his Ali comments — she also ripped a Twitter user for trying to check her about “what she does.” Apparently, the passive-aggressive tweet rubbed her the wrong way, and she quickly shut the unnamed person all the way down by pointing out that she wrote a best-selling book. Checkmate.

The battle royale between Morgan, Legend, and Teigen continued as Teigen joked about Morgan searching Twitter for his own name so he could reply to tweets about himself. Morgan took the bait and replied to a final tweet, calling the model a “ludicrous swimwear accessory.” Ummm… no.

While it was funny for Teigen and Legend to slam Morgan for his tweets, it also showed how women are judged much more harshly for having an opinion. Despite Legend firing off the first response with a direct mention of Morgan, he decided to direct his responses directly at Teigen. Did he see her as an easy target because she’s a woman? Probably. However, despite Morgan’s comments toward her, Legend didn’t try to step in and defend her honor because he already knows his wife can handle anything that comes her way.

May Teigen and Legend continue a life of love, happiness, and shading people on the internet. The couple who shades together, stays together.

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