Congratulations To These Parents, Who Are Expecting The Spawn Of Satan



Expectant parents in our modern times are privy to a whole host of technologies. The 4-D ultrasound is one of them. How fun to see your tiny baby before it’s born! How novel, how exciting, how cool. That is surely what this Reddit user and his wife thought, until they discovered that the child within was actually a mini-Beelzebub sent from Hades to come for their lives and steal their immortal souls. “Wife and I went to get a ‘4D’ ultrasound of our unborn child. Saw this picture. Changed our minds,” he writes. Clearly, he jests, but the truth remains — this is fucking terrifying.

Credit: Reddit

We discovered this precious slice of life via Jezebel, who rightfully pointed out that there are lots of women out there who genuinely worry about whether or not the tiny miracle they’ve pushed out their vagina will be ugly or not. This seems like less of a valid concern than the health and relative safety of your newborn angel, but we will not tell you how to live your life.

A 4-D ultrasound, for those uninitiated, is a video of your unborn babe, swimming around in your uterus, making weird baby faces and scaring the shit out of the woman who thinks she’s carrying a human child, but is actually carrying a demon. Use caution, parents-to-be. You never know what lies beneath.


Original by Megan Reynolds

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