Everything You Need to Know About a Deer Feeder

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Being able to place a deer feeder near your hunting area can be a great way of attracting deer as well as making it a permanent location where deer will be attracted frequently.

As hunters would know, deer feeders are a very convenient way of helping you retain deer throughout the year, subsequently helping you to make your area a great location for finding deer.

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What is a deer feeder?

A deer feeder can be considered any type of contraption that essentially allows deer to consume food. The typical deer feeder can be your typical spin feeder that stands on 4 legs and allows deer to eat a few times a day. Another type of deer feeder contraption is often referred to as a “choice feeder” A choice feeder allows the dear to consume a fair amount of food, anytime they wish to eat. These contraptions can be filled with any type of food that attracts deer and the most popular options are corn, protein mixes and pellets, beans, seeds, and other types of food that deer eat.

Why you need a deer feeder?

A deer feeder is a great way of attracting deer throughout the year. It is used by hunters to make their area a permanent area where deer can be found to hunt. When considering buying a deer feeder, Feed That Game – Deer Feeders Buying Guide is an excellent guide that tells you everything you need to know about deer feeder contraptions.

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Where you can and can’t place a deer feeder?

The first thing to check when considering adding a deer feeder to your area is the deer feed regulations. Enquiring about such regulations can tell you whether you can or can’t use a deer feeder in your area. Every state has its regulations which range from some extreme anti-deer feeder regulations, and some states are more relaxed about the prospect of using deer feeders.

States like Montana and Colorado are notoriously known about being anti-deer feeder states, and states like Texas are known to be some of the most supportive ones when it comes to using deer feeders.

What can be considered a deer feeder?

A deer feeder is any contraption that has a holding mechanism for storing the food, and a mechanism that distributes the food to the deer. As one would suggest, deer feeders come in all shapes and sizes. The most typical ones can be placed right in your back yard and can be as little as 50lb spin feeders. Some are much bigger with up to 1.000lb food storing capacity.

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The main part of the deer feeder is the reservoir, which is used to store the food. It can be made out of any material but galvanized steel, or other durable materials are the preferred choice due to their ability to withstand the elements. Depending on the area, the reservoir can be made out of wood if the elements are less harsh in that area.

How to protect your deer feeder?

Varmints such as raccoons are the prime suspects that take the food out of the deer feeder. As one would assume, a deer feeder is supposed to feed the deer, and those pesky raccoons are eating the food that is not indented for them. You can protect your deer feeder by placing wire around the spinning part, which will prevent the raccoons from trying to get their paws and spin the mechanism. Some sort of guarding mechanism for your feeder, such as a varmint cage is the type of mechanism that is frequently used for most deer feeders.


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