Home Inspiration: 20 Gorgeous Gallery Walls

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One of the things I’m most excited about in regards to owning my own home is that I can put as many poorly planned nail holes in the wall as I want, without worrying about disapproving looks from my landlord. The walls of our current house have stayed largely empty (so depressing) because we knew we wouldn’t be here that long, didn’t want to have to hide/patch up nail holes, and for some reason those magical picture-hanging strips don’t stick to the walls here. I can’t wait to get to our new place and finally display all the framed art that’s still tucked away in our closets. It’s gallery wall time! Here are 20 gallery walls of all different styles and setups to get the wheels of home decor inspiration turning…

Dark Blue Gallery Wall

Source: Decoist

I love this dark blue paint, but wonder if, in reality (as opposed to home decor photos) it would make the room look too dark? Please advise.

Modern Gallery Wall

Source: Rilane

Clean, modern vibes, with a couple fish prints thrown in for good measure.

Black & White Gallery Wall

Source: Darling Do

Doesn’t this look like a black and white photograph? It’s not; just a strict color (or lack of color) scheme.

Cohesive Art Theme Gallery Wall

Source: Bluethumb

A beautiful mix of cohesive pieces.

Stone Mantle Gallery Wall

Source: Pinterest

Round mirrors + rectangle frames + book mantle + mint walls = YES PLEASE.

Crowded Vintage Gallery Wall

Source: Pinterest

Is this triggering anyone’s OCD? I’m pretty into it, myself.

Framed Record Gallery Wall

Source: Pinterest

The precision of this gallery wall, on the other hand, is giving me a nervous tic. The measuring and planning! Worth it, but still.

Green Gallery Wall

Source: thefrisky.com

The frames matched to the stair runner is a liiiiiitttle much for me, but the colored frames are cool.

Parisian Gallery Wall

Source: Parisian Moments

Want. This.

Thrifted Art Gallery Wall

Source: Jennifer Perkins

Not sure where to find art for your gallery wall? Try the thrift store! No, seriously, you can find some awesome pieces (many original paintings!) for like $5 each.

Mirror Gallery Wall

Source: Bless’er House

Does it still count as a gallery wall if it’s mirrors instead of art in the frames? I’m voting yes.

Room Divider Gallery Wall

Source: Pinterest

A clever way to make a room divider feel that much more like a real wall.

Fashionista Gallery Wall

Source: Wayfair

So. Freakin’. Chic.

TV Gallery Wall

Source: Pinterest

I hate when TVs become the only focal point of a room, so I’m really digging the way this gallery wall surrounds the screen and makes it blend in a bit better.

Bathroom Gallery Wall

Source: Pinterest

Not sure how I’d feel about those two huge pigeons looking at me while I’m on the toilet, but love the design otherwise.

Whimsical Gallery Wall

Source: thefrisky.com

This is basically the Dr. Suess of gallery walls. And I’m into it.

Eclectic Gallery Wall

Source: thefrisky.com

That color. The combination of art and objects. The jewelry rack. Flawless.

Floral Gallery Wall

Source: Carla Bethany

Such a sweet combination of paintings. And no frames!

Gold Frame Gallery Wall

Source: Pinterest

Always a fan of ornate gold frames. You can use these to frame, like, McDonald’s receipts and it will look amazing.

Striped Gallery Wall

Source: thefrisky.com

Ugh, how cool does a gallery wall look on top of subtle stripes?

Original by: Winona Dimeo-Ediger

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