How to Easily and Quickly Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

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Converting YouTube videos into mp3 or mp4 files has never been easier. Websites that offer such service have gotten pretty popular in the past few years and allow us to do this in a few simple clicks. Back in the day when people wanted to download or convert YouTube videos, they usually had to download some add-ons for their browser or even programs that turned out to be malware most of the time. In this article, we’re talking about YouTube conversion, why you should do it and what are the advantages and drawbacks of doing it. Let’s begin.

Why should I convert?

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Converting a YouTube video to an mp3 file can be pretty useful in the following situations. You want to store a song on your mobile device but the song has a music video as well. If you just download the entire file, it will take up a lot of space. Imagine having hundreds of songs on your phone and all of them have a music video. That would take up hundreds of gigabytes of space and phones still haven’t reached that potential. Instead, a much more affordable and effective solution would be to convert it to an mp3 file and saving a much smaller file on your phone. “But I can just listen to the song online, why would I download it?” Well, if you’re going on a trip then you probably won’t have a good internet connection, or you won’t have any at all. Using 3g or 4g internet connection while in another country can be tricky and will sometimes cost you a lot of money.

And for what?

For listening to a song on YouTube? It’s not worth it. Instead, use a YouTube to mp3 site like Listenvid and convert the song into a file and download it on your phone. You will be able to play it whenever you want without wasting any mobile data. Even if you have internet access, it will take much more data to load up a song with the video. And if you’re not interested in seeing the video, or you’ve already seen it tons of times, then it’s not worth the struggle. Not to mention if you have a slow internet connection the video will buffer so much that you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite song.  The process of converting is just a few clicks. You open up the site, copy the URL from the content you want to convert, paste it in the bar and click the convert button. You just wait a few seconds and a download button will appear. Click it and you’re done. Easy as that.

Other uses of a YouTube to mp3 converter

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Maybe sometimes you want to make a ringtone or a notification out of your favorite song. This is not possible without first having it stored in your mobile device. And the best way to store it is to convert it and download it from YouTube. It’s one of the easiest ways. Also, if you’re throwing a birthday party or an event for which you need music, you’re going to need a playlist. Especially if the place doesn’t have internet access and you can’t load Spotify or something similar. Downloading songs with YouTube to mp3 converters will only take minutes and you will have everything you need without the need to worry about your party failing due to lack of music.

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