How to Obtain California State Driver’s License?

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In order to obtain a driver’s license in the state of California, you need to fulfill some conditions that were set by the state itself. The first step is to apply and take the test. After you pass the test, you will let to start driving. Before you take the test, you should attend a permit practice that was enabled by the state of California. This can be of great help to you in acquiring drivers license. The permit test is consisting of two parts: Road Rules and Road Signs. This test can be taken online.

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How Old Must You Before Taking the California Teen Permit Test?

Before you take drivers test in the state of CA, you must be of a certain age. At fifteen and a half, you can have the education that can enable you to have the provisional permit. When you reach sixteen, you can eligible for the intermediate license, after the completion of the course. Applying for a provisional permit without taking the education program is possible when a person is seventeen and a half years old. In the end, after reaching eighteen, learners permit is not needed to apply for a full license.

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How Many Questions Are on the Written Test?

To pass the driver’s written test, you need to score thirty-eight out of forty-six questions. Plus, you can take the test three times. If you fail to complete it successfully for the first time, you need to wait for at least a week to take the test again.

Why Should You Take the Practice Test?

We can`t stress enough how important is to take the practice test. You will get the California Driver Handbook. The best thing about practice is that is totally free. After you finish with it, you will be much more prepared to for the final test, and the chances of you failing and needing to take the test again are going to be minimalized. You will learn about the laws of the state of California and the road signs. There is no excuse to take a free practice test. It is only to be of help to you.

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Things You Should Remember Before You Take the Test

You need to remember what you learned before taking the test. One important thing is what are the sanctions for driving non-insured vehicle. Also, you need to have liability coverage for the car that you are driving. You can choose from much more types of coverage. Their costs are varying from case to the case. You need to make sure that you have the cheapest one for your age.

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