How to Train Over Aggressive Dog to Stop Aggressiveness

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Aggression is a very common and serious behavioral problem in dogs worldwide. Dog owners face a variety of behavioral issues in their pet dogs and aggression is one of the most dangerous behaviors, especially when you have a breed of dog that is very strong.

Aggression is the main reason why dog owners seek help from professional dog trainers or training programs. It is very important to cure your friend from this kind of over-aggression problem, though it would take a considerable amount of time to completely cure him.

Reasons for Over Aggressiveness in Dogs?

Aggressive behavior is the kind of behavior in dogs when they start warning to the person or anything in front of them about the anger in them and the attack following it. This warning signal can be constant growling while the dog is still and rigid. They may also show their bare teeth or snarl.

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Different Breeds have different ways to show anger and aggression.

You need to figure out the reason behind your dog’s growling or aggressive behavior. This is the first step as finding the root cause will help cure the aggression problem quickly. Common reasons for dogs showing aggressive behavior is when children manipulate or fiddle with them or their private areas unknowingly or when someone distracts or irritates them while they are having food or trying to sleep.

Though they may not attack someone they know or are part of their house, but there are instances where they may even attack the person they love the most. After all, they are animals.


The Common Reasons for Dog Aggression Includes:

Protective Aggression: When a dog shows aggression in order to defend anyone, whether any other animal or trying to defend any human from someone.

Territorial Aggression: A Dog is defending or keeping its house or home safe from intruders.

Fear Aggression: A dog who becomes aggressive when it tries to retreat in a scary situation but then decides to attack if the person turns around.

Possessive Aggression: Aggression from a dog trying to protect his food or something that he thinks belongs to him.

Pain Related Aggression: A dog in Pain is very dangerous sometimes as he possesses aggressiveness as he gets angry.

Sex-Related Aggression: Two male dog show aggression in trying to catch the attention of a female dog.

How can you Stop Aggression in Dogs?

After Examining the Situation which triggers aggressive behavior in your dog and its timing, there are some solutions to cure over aggressive behavior in your pet dog.


Talk to a Veterinary Doctor

There are some dogs who are normal but gets aggressive suddenly. There are high chances that they might be having some kind of medical problem, and hence it is important to take him to his veterinary doctor. Diseases that can cause aggression include hypothyroidism, congenital or acquired neurological problems such as encephalitis, epilepsy, and brain tumors, and behavioral seizures.

Take Help from Online Dog Training

Professional Dog Trainers have now gone online and have started to teach pet owners on ways to solve behavioral problems in their dogs. I highly recommend you to go for a course like this as it is costly to hire a professional dog trainer to cure your dog’s over-aggressive behavior.

These courses will contain a lot of practical videos on how you can solve different bad habits of your dog. Aggressive Behavior, being a common problem is also listed. Examples of Such courses are The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan.


Create a Plan and Daily Routine

Create a way by which you can approach with the training of your dog to cure him of this behavior. You should be looking for positive reinforcement instead of anything physical.

It takes some time to see any kind of results when you are trying to train your dog with something. Neither are you a professional dog trainer, and your dog is also experiencing all these things for the first time. Hence it is very important for you to create a plan and stick to it with patience and consistency.

Avoid Punishment

A lot of people tend to oppress this aggressive behavior in dogs by beating or hitting him with some stick or stones. This can further angry him, and he may jump at you to bite you as well. I would not advise you to punish him for his over-aggressive behavior but train him with positive reinforcement and learn to be a pack leader.

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