Is semen good for your skin, or does he just want to bust on your face?

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As the internet heaps more and more information in our lap, it’s hard to parse what’s truly backed up by science and what’s hearsay. One of the most popular sex-related theories that regularly makes the internet rounds is that semen is good for your skin. But is semen really good for your skin? Or is this a convenient “study” developed by male “scientists” who needed an elaborately backed reason to slather their love-juice all over their partner’s body?

Anyone who loves a good romp in the hay can attest to the emotional and physical benefits of regular sex. You get to release all the tension of the work-week while gazing into the face of a stone cold fox who’s funneling all their energy into pleasuring you, and when you’re finished you can drape yourself across the pillows like a promiscuous debutante. Regardless of your feelings about the concept of semen facials, given the overall positives of sex, it seems reasonable to think that semen might contain some skin freshening powers. So let’s dig into this semi-disgusting trough of semen discourse and see what THE TRUTH is, shall we?! Just lay back, rest your pretty little head and let me do the work here.


One of the main reasons semen has been touted as a great DIY skincare product is its high volume of the protein and the antioxidant zinc, both of which can slow down the aging process and tighten pores. While studies in The Search Guide To Bodily Fluids do in fact confirm that composition-wise, semen has a high amount of zinc (3% of your daily value) and a relatively high amount of protein, you would have to chug approximately half cup of semen in order to consume the same amount of protein contained in an egg. Is that really a miracle for your skin?! You could also get more Zinc by eating a dark-green leafy salad without detangling unfertilized spawn from your bangs.


There’s also the fact that, just because something has nutrients that help your body when eaten doesn’t mean it’s ideal to slather on your face. After all, urine also contains protein but we’re not mixing it up into DIY masks for shining skin. (No offense if you are,  I don’t know your kinks).

Don’t take my word for it though, a report from Refinery 29 featured an interview with dermatologist Karyn Grossman, where she outlined some of the risks of semen as a skincare regime:

Just from a physician’s point of view, there are medical health issues around being exposed to other people’s body fluids. Body fluids are capable of transmitting STIs, and even if you’re with your husband or boyfriend, and could potentially have these diseases anyway, there are potential issues that could be different (on the face).

There you have it. The next time you feel pressured in the bedroom because “semen is amazing for your skin” you can tell them you’d rather eat some eggs and salad while drinking your own piss. That is, unless you like it. In which case, it’s a perfect facial.

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