Kate crying because of Prince Harry

Wendy Stokesby:


Since Prince William wedding, and especially after Prince Harry tied the knot as well, there have been various pieces of information regarding the relationship between the two couples and among the members of the youngest couples of the royal family.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William got married in 2011 and this was the moment when Harry caused Kate cry. Namely, he did not do anything wrong, but he simply held such a speech that Kate started to cry. More precisely, harry has commented on their love that lasted for about a decade and that this love is actually inspiring to him. Then, Kate cried. Harry then made a few joked to lighten the atmosphere and he said that William did not know what love is before Kate. He also added that this was obvious since William used his phone a lot then. Harry also called Kate Babykins, just like William calls her.

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However, Harry also wanted to make a comment on Kate’s long legs. Fortunately, his ex-girlfriend, Chelsey Davy, prevented him from saying this since it would be inappropriate.

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We should also mention that Kate and Chelsey, Harry’s ex-girlfriend, had a terrific and a very close relationship, which cannot be said to the one she has with Meghan. Reportedly, they are arguing and are not on good terms.

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