“Mad Men” Trivia: Who The Heck Are John And Marsha?



“Mad Men” is back with a freaking vengeance. I am going to skip over Don’s rough sex with a prostitute (amazing!), Sally Draper’s ‘tude toward her new step-dad (love her!), and Joan Holloway’s bodacious bod (HAWT!), and focus on all that “John and Marsha” business between Peggy Olson and new employee Joey. (How cute is he, by the way?) Was anyone else as lost as I was? I thought I was prepared for 1964 pop culture references since I had done my research, but alas I was as ignorant as ever.

After the jump, “John and Marsha” explained.Apparently this “John and Marsha” stuff is an ode to the “the father of funny advertising,” Stan Freberg. It is from one of Freberg’s comedy routines recorded in 1951 where the dialogue is meant to be a parody of the cheesiness of soap opera actors. Yeah, so basically it still makes no sense that Peggy and Joey would be referencing it 13 years later. Unless they got drunk or stoned in the office one night and listened to the record.

Which Peggy might have done, since Freberg was kind of an icon in the advertising world and she probably sleeps with the record cover under her pillow. Also, “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner seems to have some kind of Stan Freberg obsession, so yeah, it’s all coming together now. Jooohhhhnnnnn. Maarrrrsshhhhhaaaaa. Help! I can’t get it out of my head! [TV Barn]

Original by Ami Angelowicz

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