Malia Obama’s “smoking kills” shirt at Made in America was a shout-out to all her haters

Wendy Stokesby:


The Obama daughters can do whatever they want. This weekend at the Made in America music festival, Malia Obama’s “smoking kills” T-shirt was the best message to all of her haters. It looks like a handmade shirt, so she must have written the message herself in black sharpie. Along with the PSA on her tee, she went full on normcore and rocked a pair of jean shorts, a big brown belt, and a Harvard baseball hat. Take that America.

The look was an obvious “fuck you” to everyone who hounded her at Lollapalooza earlier this summer, where she was spotted twerking and rocking a skirt that some idiots on the internet thought was too short for a president’s daughter. Later, videos of Obama seemingly smoking weed at the festival made the rounds as well.

So, this new look shows that the eldest Obama has a pretty good sense of humor. Or maybe it was her punishment from her parents after the last festival. Either way, it totally works. Because let’s not get it twisted: no matter how much you want to shame Obama for being a fun, beautiful teenager or for smoking weed, she is going to Harvard University after taking a gap year. She knows that smoking kills and always keeps her shit together. She was doing nothing any different at this festival than she was at the last one — except this time she was dressed differently and people freaked out that she was allegedly smoking weed.

Obama should be every teen’s idol. I mean, I’m all grown up and everything, but she’s already my role model, too. First of all, taking a gap year before starting college is the smartest thing a woman could do for herself. Sure, it’s a little luxurious, but if you can pull it off, what’s wrong with working and traveling and chilling before diving right into college life? It’s bound to make someone like her even better off in the long run.

The other reason I love the eldest Obama daughter is for this shirt. Let’s all assume she got into trouble for the pictures that came out of Lollapalooza. Not because she took a puff and passed the joint, but because she let everyone on the internet see it and comment about it. It’s bad press, but she knows how to laugh it off.

This time, with all eyes on her, she blatantly said, “Nothing to see here, folks, and smoking kills.” It’s a pretty heavy handed power play and Obama’s obviously won this round. Also, she got to hang out with Beyoncé the whole time, too, so she’s winning all around.

Original by Karen Fratti

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