Man Pulls Gun On Pizza Man For Taking Too Long To Deliver His Goddamn Pizza

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I don’t think there is any question that pizza is serious business. In this cruel world of ours, there are few precious things that can allow even just a momentary feeling of happiness and peace – and pizza –  my friends, is one of them.

However, a Pittsburgh man went too far with his pizza worship and is now being accused of a pizza armed robbery after complaining his takeaway meal took too long to arrive. PIZZA ARMED ROBBERY YOU GUYZ.

Frank Veltri pulled out a gun on a delivery man named Nicole Tykodi, insisting that he would not paying for the pizza, wings and breadsticks since they took an audacious 49 minutes to arrive, police say. Ok now this is horrifying.

Thank god no one was hurt, and that Tykodi was able to escape unharmed. In case you were curious what kind of pizza warranted such a vehement reaction, it is none other than Bada Bing! Pizzeria. More like Bada BOOM am I right? Sorry.


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