Most common decorating mistakes  

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Once you decide to decorate or remodel your home, you have to be prepared for any unexpected issues and expenses to come up. Don’t assume everything will go smoothly and always be prepared to spend more money than you previously anticipated. For the inexperienced, decorating can be quite challenging and demanding. There are so many elements and factors to take into consideration before you start your project. That means there is a lot of room for mistakes. Some things you can’t prevent, but there are those you can and we’re here to help. There are some things you should avoid and some you should pay special attention to, so if you wish to learn what exactly we mean by that, keep scrolling.

Not making a clear list of priorities

Prioritizing is the key to a successful project. Before you start anything, make a clear and detailed list of everything you want to do. Don’t just write down “redecorate kitchen.” Instead, explain what is it exactly you’re trying to achieve and what is it that needs changing. The counters, the walls, the tiles, the outdated appliances, and similar. If you’re good at drawing, you can even try illustrating what’s in your head. You’ll come to realize that by prioritizing, you reduce the chances of making some of the decorating mistakes to a minimum.

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Not using color

If you’re going for the modern, minimalist look, you can do it without making your room look sterile. Add a splash of color to the room to make it look less like a hospital and more like a home. If your furniture and walls are in white and gray tones, add some colorful curtains, plants and rugs to make space look a bit less dull and vapid.

Not defining the style

You can easily make your room look chaotic when trying to mix many different styles. Maintaining the cohesiveness can be difficult if you don’t understand what goes with what. This is the time to contact a professional who will easily, in no time, be able to make perfect combinations of colors and styles without making your home look chaotic.

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Uncomfortable furniture

You may think that it doesn’t matter if a piece of furniture is uncomfortable as long as it looks amazing. That is usually not the case and people end up regretting their purchase. So, think about convenience not just aesthetic.

The scale is off

If the sizes of different objects don’t match, the whole room will look a bit off. Small room with oversized furniture, or vice versa, we’ve seen it all. Try not to make that mistake! The larger the room, the larger the furniture it can handle. Also, you don’t want to fill the room with furniture entirely not leaving any space. That will make the room look a lot smaller and busier than it is.

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Forgetting the light

If you have huge windows and your room gets a lot of natural light, great. However, if that’s not the case, you’ll need to invest a bit more in lamps and mirrors. Mirrors will reflect the light making the room more luminous.

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