Nappy bag as Baby shower gift

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I bet you are out there looking for the perfect baby shower gift idea. Your BFF is about to give birth, and you are looking for that specific occasion to present that long-sought gift to the mother to be. There are several gifts that you can get for your BFF, but today we will talk about the diaper bag. The first idea, in this case, is to look for the perfect diaper bag and eventually look for what to fill that specific diaper bag before you present the gift.

Many parents and friends have been there, and hence there is a lot they can tell you in this case. In this brief, we will guide you on how to get the best diaper bag for your BFF and how to fill it before you present the gift. One thing that almost everybody in society knows is that parenthood is like a sisterhood. Almost everybody will be at a glance and eagerly waiting for their friends to come to this extent and look for a good gift for them.

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There’s something in almost every gift you give to your friends especially if they are young parents. It is also fun; you feel the happiness flow when you are presenting a gift to a mother. Before we move to the next step, I will admit that you need to take enough time researching the market for the best diaper bags to buy as a present. If you have been looking in vein, then we have good news. You shouldn’t look any further because you can get diaper bags from NappyBagStore.

Why is Diaper bag a good baby shower gift?

Do you know there are several reasons why buying a diaper bag gift for a new mother is a good thing? It is a necessity that almost every person will have to buy at one point or the other regardless of whether they are mums who like travelling or those that stay at home.

It is a must-have necessity

Every parent should have a diaper bag for their newborn. What this means is that it is a gift that will be accepted in all dimensions. When you are buying diaper bags as gifts, you are sure that it will be acceptable in all the situations. There are no worries about whether the mother loves a diaper bag or not.

It is the best gift for Moms who like travelling

Mums who like travelling must have a diaper bag. If you notice that your BFF is a kind of mom that likes traveling, then this is the best gift you can give to them. It is a good bag to store all the necessities when they are travelling.

It is a cheap yet stylish alternative

If you have been in the market trying to figure out what type of gift you will give to your friend as they await the blessings, then this is the best gift to go for. It is a cheap alternative and a stylish gift to offer to somebody. You don’t have to strain to look for gifts while you can buy her a simple diaper bag and later load it with all the necessities.

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What to consider when buying Diaper bags as Baby shower gifts

When you are buying the diaper bag, there are several things you should bear in mind. At this point, we will talk about some of them.

The size of the bag

The size of the bag will depend entirely on how often does the mum like travelling or how long do they stay out. This will come after taking a comprehensive observation and analysis from the time you have spent together. If you notice that she cannot spend an entire week before she travels to her parents or to visit her friends, then you can get a bigger bag.

Get something her husband would be comfortable to carry

You also have to consider the fact that they may be spending ample time outside with the husband. When they are travelling together, you can be sure that the husband will be forced to carry the bag. Consequently, get the best bag that the husband and the wife will be comfortable to carry.

What to pack before you present the gift

If you find that you have been looking for a good gift, then buying a diaper bag gift is a wise decision. It is a good gift when you are looking for a good gift for a new mom. However, to make the gift more acceptable, you can pack any of the below necessities before you present the gift.


As long as you planned to get this as a gift, then you should as well get a full pack of diapers for the gift. One thing I am sure about is that the new mum will never leave the house without diapers. Just make it that simple and include a pack full of diapers.


Include another bag

When you are buying a diaper bag as a gift, you can at any time get two bags of different sizes. This way, you give her a simple option of choosing between them depending on how long they are going to stay out. I usually recommend getting two bags of different sizes as a gift. This will show how careful you were at choosing the gift and how knowledgeable you are at choosing that specific gift. If the mother is going for regular checkups and she’s sure she will not stay out for two hours, then she can always carry the smaller bag. If she may stay for longer, then she will get the bigger bag because it will accommodate more things.


Wipes are also a necessity in this case. They are among our list today for all the things that you should pack before you present the gift. It doesn’t matter what the mother will feel but one thing am sure of is that she needs to see all these things packed.

Some soft toys

You can as well get some few soft toys to form part of the diaper bags. In case she’s sure she may stay longer, then it is a wise idea to get some toys and games to keep the baby active throughout the tour.

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