New Fruit Of The Loom Bras Let You Mix & Match Cup Sizes

Wendy Stokesby:


It’s a sad fact, but breasts aren’t exactly symmetrical. Most of us have nearly matching pairs, but some women have two completely different cup sizes, forcing them to wear a bra to fit the larger breast and accommodate for the smaller breast with padding or a prosthetic. However, Fruit of the Loom and Amazon have come up with an ingenious idea that I can’t believe no one thought of before. Fruit of the Loom is now producing “Pick Your Perfect Pair,” a collection of right cup and left cup bra halves that come in polka dots and standard black and white. Each piece is only $5, and the bra halves clip together in the front and back. This sounds like a godsend for women with slight differences in breast size, like a C and a D. But if one boob is an A and the other is a C, I bet some will still resort to stuffing to make them more equally sized. [Racked]


Original by Annika Harris

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