No, Your Dick Is Not Too Big To Wear A Condom

Wendy Stokesby:

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Next time you’re gettin’ down with a dude and he tries to pull the whole “Baby, I would wear a condom but they’re too tight around my big dick” thing, pause the action and show him this post. Because unless his dick is actually so big that it could qualify as a third leg, a condom will fit it just fine. Swedish pop star Zara Larsson was playing dress up with a box of condoms or something and pulled one over her foot and up her leg, wearing it like a stocking. She posted the above photo to her Instagram with the caption “To all the guys saying ‘my dick is too big for condoms’ TAKE A SEAT.” It has since gone viral, which has come as sort of a surprise to Larsson. “I merely meant it as a funny joke,” Larsson wrote on her blog, according to Gawker. “Since then newspapers have been writing about what a feminist genius I am!” [via Gawker]

To all the guys saying "my dick is too big for condoms" TAKE A SEAT

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