Paris To Remove Iconic Lovers’ Locks From Pont Des Arts Bridge

Wendy Stokesby:


Love is dead. JK, but people may be if the estimated over 700,000 pad locks attached to the the bridge at the Pont des Arts in Paris aren’t removed stat, since they are creating a weight that is sending the bridge into eventual collapse.

Lovers attach personalized locks to this bridge in Paris on a street that leads to the Eiffel Tower, essentially paving a lovers’ lane that has been a tradition for decades.

Having just been to Paris last week, I can tell you there are far more romantic places to go that aren’t tourist traps. Ie, any restaurant with cheese and an alley nearby where you can do some incognito heavy petting.

Still, it is a bit surreal when super iconic things disappear, n’est pas?

[Daily Mail]

Original By: Katrin Higher


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