Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest Dies At 45



Malik Taylor, a.k.a Phife Dawg, one of the founding members of A Tribe Called Quest has died at 45. The rapper’s passing was confirmed by Rolling Stone, though no official statement has been released. The official cause of death is unknown at this time, but Taylor had struggled with diabetes for most of his life and underwent a kidney transplant in 2008 as a result of complications from the disease.

A Tribe Called Quest was one of the most influential rap groups of the 90s and are widely-regarded as one of the best rap groups of all time. Their sound drew heavily from jazz and laid the groundwork for so many other artists that followed.If you’re furrowing your brow and wondering to yourself what A Tribe Called Quest actually sounds like, please find your headphones and familiarize yourself with some of their finest works, below.

Original by Megan Reynolds @mega_hurt

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