Portfolio: What Professions Need It and How to Make It

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Applying for a job requires so many intricacies that may be overwhelming to some. Most people need resumes, but there are certain jobs that need portfolios. Read to find out which.

A portfolio is a collection of an artist’s work which is sometimes used as a means to gain contracts. Many of the careers that need portfolios are ones that have to do with the arts. Creative writing, architecture, and photography are some of these examples. The idea behind it is to show a bit of what you have worked on since you started working.

While most artists do not believe in gathering their work to make portfolios, others keep track of every good work they have done to boost their application and to ask for a seat at the table. A portfolio is a way of saying that you want the job and you are the best person for it, based on your skill and of course your previous works.

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Which Careers Need Portfolios

The careers that need portfolios are often related to artistic work. Artistic work does not necessarily mean art in that sense of the word, but anything that makes a person utilize their creative skills as the main offer. Science-oriented architects have to make a portfolio because they would be showcasing their artistic representation of the very scientific drawing that is architecture. It is highly recommended that as a creative to document your creative work and then show it to potential clients. This is the way you show up ready for a job interview.

Jobs that need portfolios include, but are not limited to

  1. Modeling
  2. Creative writing or any form of writing
  3. Architecture
  4. Music
  5. Graphic designing
  6. Photography
  7. Website designing
  8. Fashion and makeup
  9. Cake decorating
  10. Interior decorating
  11. Art

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How to Put Together a Portfolio: Tips You May Need

Since the portfolio is a tool for marketing your work, it is advised that you get your best works at every stage of your career. Art in itself, which can be the broad word to describe many creative works, is diverse. Even within each subdivision, there is diversity. A good portfolio of a person who wants to showcase variety can be centered on several angles of work produced by the same person. It would be desirable not to use the same concept in all of your work in the portfolio lest you are deemed as close-minded and lacking ideas.

You may ask, with regards to the portfolio, does one go looking for more diverse jobs to build the portfolio? The answer is no. Art can be done at any time. Taking on projects, which may be solely picked and funded by you, is one great way to jumpstart your career. Spending time trying new things and documenting them when you are satisfied with your work is a sure way to build a good portfolio. People find that they are unable to get the kind of diversity they want. It is mostly a chicken before egg solution. You need diverse work to get hired so you can create diverse work and get hired using your portfolio.

Jobsora.com is a great place to start looking for the work you need to build your portfolio. You can check online for ideas and even get a few of your own if you are unable to land any of those jobs. The good news is, a good portfolio always lands you work, and good work always gets referrals.

Having people around you that can feed you with ideas and provide you with the equipment to document those ideas are what you need when preparing the portfolio. If it is for photography or modeling, best believe that a professional camera is an excellent choice. This also means that to create a good portfolio you might need to sacrifice a little bit. It is all required to land you the job of your dreams. Once that is done well, you can walk with confidence into any recruiting center and show what your hard work and ingenuity is capable of doing. You might walk out with even more than one job if it is done right.

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Make a portfolio today, invest in what is necessary to make it good, see a professional to organize your work, and produce it before a group of recruiters. The job is always handed over to people who show they are capable of.


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