Racist, Sexist Daily Mail Writer Liz Jones Says Rihanna “Invites Rape” In Her Scandalous Outfits

Dragana Stepicby:


  • Granted, the UK’s Daily Mail (aka the Daily Fail) is not the place you go to read nuanced, tasteful analysis, but writing that Rihanna “surely invites rape [and] disrespect” by wearing provocative clothes is a new low. Writer Liz Jones also said it’s “fair” to “berate female stars” more than young male ones because “young women are far more impressionable than young men.” No citation for that ‘fact,’ of course! Jones additionally bopped Rihanna for her “fake hair” and “false nails” and for trying to portray herself “as ‘real,’ as ‘street.’” Oh STFU, lady! [Daily Mail UK]

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  • Rep. Nancy Pelosi really does not give a shit what Rep. Michele Bachmann thinks about today’s Supreme Court DOMA ruling. [TPM TV]
  • Jane Austen’s face might oust Charles Darwin on the British 10 pound bank note. [TIME]
  • Texas Republican Louie Gohmert told a conservative podcast he thinks sex education for youngsters is useless and we should “let the kids be innocent.” You know, innocent until they get pregnant! [Roll Call]
  • Women worldwide reap fewer benefits from the same level of education than men do, according to a new study from the Organization for Cooperation and Development. [National Journal]
  • Oprah is at the top of Forbes’ most powerful celebrities list, which includes six ladies and four men. “Power lists” aren’t usually gender equal, let alone tilted in the way of the ladies, so this surprises me. [Reuters]
  • Check out the Beautiful Body project, in which Jade Beall photographs mothers’ real bodies. [Huffington Post]
  • How to do feminist TV analysis. [Gender Focus]


  • Julia Gillard is out as Australia’s prime minister in the next elections. [Guardian UK]
  • Nordic Choice Hotels in Sweden have removed porn from TVs in their hotel rooms out of concern that people involved are trafficking victims. [The Local]
  • An expert from the United Nations says Morocco needs to revamp how they combat human trafficking, including sex trafficking. [UN.org]
  • Wendy Williams, the UK’s highest ranking nurse/midwife in the Royal Air Force, has won a sex discrimination lawsuit against the Ministry of Defense after she was passed over for a promotion in favor of a male doctor with almost four years less service because she is a woman. [BBC]
  • Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is handing over power  of his conservative party to his daughter, Marina Berlusconi, in a “dynastic succession” after he was sentenced earlier this week to seven years of prison and banned from public office for life for paying for sex with an underage sex worker. [Daily Beast]
  • Why are there so few women in the London Review Of Books? [Guardian UK]

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