The Possible Benefits Of The Carescribr Service

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Working in primary health or a community care center isn’t easy, and with the number of patients rising each day it is hard for the clinicians to give good enough of a care to each and every one of them. Saying this, a thing that can take a lot of their energy and time is the documentation of visits and patient’s medical history. In most of the health centers, the electronic medical record is the way to go, but it isn’t as effective as it was originally planned to be. It isn’t rare to see a clinician stay for numerous hours after the work time has passed filling in all the information required to document the work for the day.

With a lot of people claiming that the EMR might not be the best option, multiple development teams decided it is time to find a better solution – and the Carescribr seems to be coming up with one. Though the Carescribr service isn’t out just yet our expectations can be high for a few reasons. As the development team suggests, the app will be cloud-based and will make the documentation much simpler. Let’s take a look at the possible benefits of the upcoming Carescribr service!

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The Benefits OfCarescribr

1. First and foremost, and maybe the most important benefit is the fact that the clinicians will actually have more time to invest in figuring out the treatment programs and talking with patients. The EMR documentation process can be pretty demanding leaving the clinicians with not much time left to go ahead and devote themselves to patients. With the Carescribr allowing the patients to be a part of the team as well, it is sure to be of great benefit to both sides.

2. As mentioned above, the patients will be able to write down their medical history info and with that save the much valuable time of clinicians. That info will be available to anyone visiting them, and with the help of it, the clinicians will know who is the priority and thus have a better visit plan.

3. Also, the application allows for a pre-organized visit plan that will be of great help and will be a huge time saver.


4. What was a surprise for a lot of people out there is the fact that the application will apparently be available in both English and With many people of Hispanic origin being in the primary care and community centers they will have an option to fill in the information on their native language that will be automatically translated on the demand of a clinician.

5. Along with that, the application will allow for preventive screenings that are age or social-determinant related. And last but not least the documentation of long and chronic disease history will be much easier with the cloud-platform carefully organizing and prioritizing the progress.



Yes, we still can’t make the final verdict on the Carescribr app as it is not out, but we can have high hopes for multiple given reasons. If the app comes out as promised, it is sure to be of great benefit both to the patients and the clinician team. With hours saved the clinicians will be able to focus on the treatment of their patients while having mutual communication over the platform itself. The Beta service is to be released in a few months, and by then we will know if it is a revolutionary as we expect it to be!

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