Ways to Protect Your Child from Car Accident Injuries

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Car accidents have been on the increase. If you are part of the traffic, you know that accidents happen. A lot. Hence, it is very important to undertake steps to protect ourselves and our kids. In fact, you can never be too careful about your child’s car safety. The most important thing when it comes to protecting your child from car accident injuries is properly adjusting your child’s car seat harness.

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Did you know that too loose harness straps or placing the chest clip too low can lead to severe injuries if a car accident happens? In fact, many parents aren’t aware of the fact that a poorly adjusted harness, such as loose, twisted, and uneven straps, is extremely dangerous. Thus, here are tips and harnessing strategies which will help you secure your child in a car seat. So, if you follow these tips, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your child.

Place the Chest Clip at the Armpit Level

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You should always position the chest clip at your child’s armpit level. This will keep the child in their place. However, if you place the clip too low, it might apply too much pressure on the soft parts of the body. On the other hand, if you place the clip too high, it can bruise your child’s throat and neck.

Avoid Twisted Harness Straps

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You should always check if the harness straps are twisted or not. It’s very important to make sure they aren’t because twisted harness straps might look tightened but they aren’t. Moreover, twisted straps will apply extra pressure to the body and can be dangerous in case of an accident.

Place the Straps Even and Flat

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Always place the straps straight and tighten them. Moreover, make sure they are even and tightened. If the straps are left too loose, there is a danger that the child might move out of the car seat shell if an accident happens. If you can’t pitch any of it between your fingers in the area of the child’s shoulders, it means that the strap is properly tightened.

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