What Are Your Best Packing Tips And Secrets?

Dragana Stepicby:


So I’m heading to London today for the Olympics! But before I head out, I have to do one thing — pack. And I’m terrible at it. My general packing philosophy is to shove all of my favorite clothes into my bag and hope that somehow they create enough outfits.

It means I don’t carry that much, and can usually cram everything I need into a carry-on bag — even on two week trips. But I often end up re-wearing the same things — or realize that I’ve forgotten something critical like underwear.

A few things I have learned, though…

Clean out your makeup bag before you go

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Your makeup bag probably has tons of things in it you never use, right? Like I’ve got three eyeshadow compacts I hardly ever touch, so those probably don’t need to come with me to London. Ditto for old foundation, multiple blush palettes and brushes.

Bring one fancy pair of shoes

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Just in case — because you never know if you’re going to get invited to something really upscale at the last minute.

Always, always pack any medication you need in your carry on bag

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Just in case. I mean, what if your luggage gets lost? You don’t want to get stuck without the necessary pills.

Okay, so those are mine. Share your travel/packing tips in the comments!

Original by Julie Gerstein

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