What to do when you lose your safe combination

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People all around the world own strongboxes in which they keep all their family treasure. There are different sizes, types and designs of safes and one can keep almost everything in it. You want to protect important documents such as bank statements, ownership documents, old, family jewelry, or maybe even you own a weapon and want to keep it away from your kids. So you collect all valuable things and put them in a safe that is protected with a special password.

What happens when, one day, you cannot open the strongbox? You need to take something urgently from your safe, but you cannot access it, and suddenly you break out in a cold sweat. You created that personal password for the safe and now you have lost it. At the first few moments it may seem that you will never be able to open that box and that all your valuable possessions are lost forever. Then, the moment of clarity comes. No safe is impenetrable. You think of all news reports you have ever heard, about the robbers who found a way to open those big strongboxes in banks. Compared to those, your home safe is almost insignificant.

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So what do you do?

You are aware you’ll need help. Who to call? Of course, you have to call a Locksmith Service and they will most definitely find a way to open your safe. There are a number of different manners in which the locksmith technician will try to open your safe deposit box before he resorts to force. The first and the easiest way for a locksmith to help you and open you strongbox is to contact the manufacturer. Nowadays, electronic safes are the most popular and they can be, in a way, easily hacked. But, don’t be frightened, not everyone can do it. You have to find as much information about the type of the safe you own as you can and a number to contact the customer service of the manufacturer. They will explain to the technician step by step how to hack the safe.

If you cannot find your purchase order and cannot contact the company which produced the strongbox, there is an alternative. A lot of people are unaware that most safes have so-called override key. This key comes in handy if you have to share the safe with another family member or maybe your co-workers. This way they can have the access to the safe without you having to share the password with them. Furthermore, your strongbox may have a change key, but this doesn’t work on all types of safes because you will be required to put in your old combination for security reasons. As said above, force is used as a last resort. You need to be careful when hiring a locksmith service.

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Since the safes have their own security mechanism, if not handled properly, there is a chance all your valuables will be damaged or even destroyed. That’s why all those information we had talked about are necessary. Provide your locksmith technician with information he needs, and he will find the best way to open your strongbox safely. Usually, the technician will drill a hole through the wheel pack, insert fiber optic cable and he will be able to see how the wheels in the wheel move. Then, he will line up the wheels and open your safe in no time. However, this method leaves your safe practically open for everyone, so you’ll have to repair the damage.

It must be scary to find yourself in a situation like this. As we have listed there are a number of ways to open your safe even if you forgot the code. You have to stay clear-minded and think calmly about what your first step will be towards resolving this problem.

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