16 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own A Swiss Army Knife



When I was 14 years old, my uncle gave me a Swiss Army knife for my birthday. At the time, it was kind of a letdown considering the extensive and extremely precise wish list I’d outlined from the Delia’s catalog. For years, the thing sat in my top desk drawer and, frankly, it scared me. Not just because you could seriously hurt someone with it, but also because I didn’t know what half the tools in it were for.

Of course, years later, it’s one of my most frequently used accessories and has graduated from the back of the desk drawer to a regular spot in my large tote bag. Here, our best reasons why every woman should carry a Swiss Army knife.Beauty-related tasks on the go:

  • Eyebrow trimming
  • Cutting back cuticles
  • Cutting hang nails
  • Filing broken nails
  • Impromptu bang trims

Fashion dealings:

  • Cutting the tags off something the second you buy it
  • Getting knots out of tangled necklaces (using the reamer)
  • Punching extra holes on watch bands or shoe bucks (reamer again)
  • Trimming a loose hem

General handiness:

  • Opening packages swiftly instead of hacking at them with your keys
  • Always having a bottle opener for spur-of-the-moment outdoor picnics (nothing more frustrating that standing around with a bottle of wine you can’t open)
  • Making minor eyeglass repairs (tightening screws with tip of the blade or screwdriver)
  • Dealing with any household-related tasks when you were too lazy to buy a tool kit

Being awesome:

  • To cut up apples in public all tough-girl-style
  • Sawing rope off your arms in a kinky sex scene (or a kinky sex scene gone wrong)
  • Just stabbing b*tches in general (kidding!)
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We know you want one now. And guess what? They’re only 30-or-so bucks. Get yours at SwissArmy.com

Original by Leonora Epstein

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