Wisconsin Cat Treks 1,500 Miles To Florida, Is Found And Brought Home To Safety

Wendy Stokesby:


Latest news in our insane feline overlords: One of them decided to head to Florida for the winter because she just freaking felt like it. Typical asshole cat, right?

Nadia, a gorgeous Russian Blue whose human owner is Cheri Stocker, disappeared on Christmas Eve this past December 2015.

I guess Nadia decided she wanted a break from the cold Wisconsin snow and preferred to live out her winter in warm Boca Raton with a bunch of New York Jewish retirees, eh?

Cheri was afraid Nadia died in the winter, saying that she doesn’t have a thick enough coat of fur to withstand the harsh winters. But then she received a call from a Naples woman who found Nadia with her microchip and sent her back on a plane to Wisconsin.

Here is Cheri reunited with her beloved cat baby. Aww.

Damn cats!


Original by Katrin Higher

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